Originally created 07/24/01

Xtreme movies

PLANET OF THE APES: One of the summer's most-anticipated flicks arrives in theaters Friday. That gifted eccentric Tim Burton (Sleepy Hollow, Batman) "re-imagines" the 1968 classic about a planet where apes rule and humans cower. Mark Wahlberg (The Perfect Storm), Tim Roth (Hoodlum, Gridlock'd), Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club) and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) are on varying sides of the human-primate line. Charlton Heston, iron-jawed hero of the original, has a cameo as a wizened simian. Roger Ebert reviews the sci-fi remake Friday in Applause.

On Wednesday at 8 p.m, the Fox network airs The Making of Planet of the Apes. The behind-the-scenes show includes movie footage and a segment on hair, makeup and special effects. Look for it on WFXG-TV (Channel 54).


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