Originally created 07/24/01

Hopes horse owner can keep horses

I hope things work out for Kim Sams (news article, "Horse owners fear law changes," July 14) and she is allowed to keep all of her horses. I understand how she feels.

It is true that people who want horses should learn how to care for them properly and be aware of the time and expense involved before acquiring one.

Fencing, shelter, hay, grain, water supply, shots, worming, hoof-trimming, grooming, training, exercise, stall mucking, fly spraying ... the list seems endless. But to a die-hard horse lover, they are worth every bit of it.

I do have a question for Ms. Sams. In the photo that appeared with the article taken "during a lesson," why are the girls not wearing protective headgear?

Also, one is wearing shorts (OK, I suppose, if you don't mind chafing) and sneakers. Sneakers? If you don't have boots or shoes with sufficient heels to prevent them from slipping through, keep your feet out of the stirrups.

Ellie Hessek, Waynesboro, Ga.

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