Originally created 07/23/01

Do flag-wavers yearn for slavery?

Confederate flag wavers and the "Yankee go home" folks are at it again.

Do they really yearn for the way things were in 1860 in the South? - when half of the people were enslaved and almost half of white families owned slaves; where a male slave could only stand by helplessly as his master raped his mate or daughter; where slaves were whipped, maimed and even killed with legal impunity; where slave families were routinely and coldly split up at slave markets; and where many of the whites must have been brutalized by serving as wardens and guards in the vast prison that was the South?

I urge the flag wavers and schools to study what Southern society was really like in antebellum days. A good place to begin is Walter Edgar's book, South Carolina - a History. It's in the Aiken library.

A personal note: I was born in Missouri, a former slave state. My paternal grandfather enlisted in the Confederate army in Louisiana in 1861 and was injured at Stones River.

Victor Reilly, Aiken, S.C.


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