Originally created 07/23/01

Cross Creek blunder proved again

Once again the Augusta Commission has proven that the Richmond County Board of Education committed a major blunder by constructing Cross Creek High School on Old Waynesboro Road.

The decision to locate the new library in the vicinity of Windsor Spring and Tobacco Road and, more recently, to extend garbage collection in that same area indicates that's where the population is. When seeking an answer to the question of why solid waste collection was not being extended into the Goshen-Brown Road-Old Waynesboro Road neighborhoods I was told by the county information line that there were not enough residents to justify the service.

The school board clearly stated there were enough high school students near the chemical plants to warrant the school being built there. What this means is that factual data (zip codes, etc.) and the actions of other government bodies do not mean a thing unless they fit the agenda of the political power brokers.

If building a school will help develop and boost the values of real estate, then many of our elected and appointed leaders will do whatever it takes to make that all mighty dollar. The safety of our children and wise use of tax money is the last thing they consider. It's kind of like Russian roulette.

Does anyone really care what happens in south Augusta? Maybe these actions are responsible for the slow growth of Richmond County and the massive expansion of surrounding counties where some common sense appears, occasionally.

Kenneth E. McGahee, Augusta


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