Originally created 07/23/01

Punishing the guilty is not murder

A.W. Tozer once said, "(God) has always dealt in mercy with mankind and will always deal in justice when his mercy is despised."

So often we hear God is love and wouldn't kill. Excuse me - what about Noah and the ark, or Sodom and Gomorrah?

True, Jesus extended mercy to the woman caught in adultery with the warning, "Go and sin no more." He's not overlooking the sin but giving a second chance. That's mercy. When mercy is despised, justice is required. God hates sin because of the disastrous results it brings.

Have we lost sight of the fact that there are two sides of the coin - hot and cold, up and down, right and wrong? God is a god of love, but true love requires justice.

Granted, our system is not perfect for we are not perfect people. Yes, there is murder but punishing the guilty is not the same as murder.

If we, as a nation and individuals continue to spit in the face of God, despising his mercy, we will experience his justice. We shall reap what we sow.

How we can murder the unborn, yet cry for the whale or holler about the death penalty is beyond my comprehension. (Ask the mothers who've aborted their babies about the trauma they suffered later on as a result.)

Of course, the media won't report that...

Grace G. Allen, Trenton, S.C.


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