Originally created 07/14/01

Peach festival brings Southern smiles

With a big Southern smile on my face, I write in response to Arlene Hally's "Anti-Yankee climate disappoints visitors at the Ridge Peach Festival," (letter, July 6).

While we Southerners gladly welcome all transplants wishing to assimilate into our culture and show respect for our heritage, hopefully the heat is being turned-up on those of a more arrogant and intolerant persuasion.

In other words, anyone having a problem with Confederate heritage booths on display in the South deserves to be handed a "Yankee Go Home" bumper sticker. It is so refreshing to see that we Southerners are making such a strong showing, despite failed attempts by the liberal media and corrupt politicians to squash us beyond recognition. Whining complaints (such as those by Ms. Hally) are welcome, for they are honest proof that the South is alive and well - and rising again.

I'm reminded of an old saying that goes like this: "If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree!"

Doris Monroe Miller, Grovetown, Ga.


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