Originally created 07/14/01

Intersection needs attention

We've all heard that safety was their main concern when building our roads and streets.

Here's an example that demonstrates just how they really don't care. The intersections of Old Ferry Road, Lake Forest Drive, and Phillips Drive with Baston Road are at such angle that one must look back over one's left shoulder to see oncoming traffic from the left on Baston Road. It's almost impossible to do when you obey the seatbelt law.

I called Georgia Department of Transportation's Ron Hutto and requested that the above mentioned intersections be corrected to meet at a 90-degree angle. the buck was passed to a person named Mr. Pulliam. I called his office and one of his assistants answered the phone and took a message since Mr. Pulliam was out of the office at the time.

Being concerned, I called his office again the next day and another assistant answered and seemed to know about my call the day before, assuring me that Mr. Pulliam had received the message.

If the citizens who live on the streets concerned will inspect the intersections, they will note that nothing is being done to correct them. I can't see any added expense to the project since they're in the process of widening Baston Road now.

If you want the intersections corrected, Call Mr. Pulliam's office at 855-3466 and tell him. Perhaps he'll listen to one of you.

Earl Sleeth, Martinez


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