Originally created 07/13/01

Godless education system falls short

World Wide Educational Systems rated education best to worst, the United States ranks in the teens - below some Third World countries. Our system that Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy wishes to be controlled even more by the federal government cannot account for multi-millions of the Education budget administered by Democrat-appointed South Carolina ex-governor.

The education of America's children has nose dived since the 1960s when Jesus Christ, the Ten Commandments and the ability to use the cloak room for a good old fashion whipping took place.

Now we don't run the schools. Instead, the children do, with switchblades, .38 caliber pistols and a death rate among America's finest that ranks first worldwide.

Worse, what kind of nation will we produce in the years ahead? A godless, multiracial, gun-carrying, non-educated, service-related population, unable to compete in this world.

We will leave behind and lose to posterity a generation that was educated in simple schools run by the local residents, capable of producing graduates that outproduced, out-marketed, that led the world in production, technology and know-how, a generation that amassed the strength to defeat two war machines that would have overrun the entire world.

Unfortunately we loved democracy so much we allowed the anti-God individuals and organizations to remove God from all aspects of our school system. The remedy? Return God to our classrooms and quit rejecting Jesus Christ as our only way to salvation. If we cannot do this because we think other people will be offended, then we will continue the decline to absolute failure ...

James K. Ellis, Jackson, S.C.


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