Originally created 07/12/01

Objects to government infringements

In reference to both Robert Clements' July 5 letter, and Aiken bureau reporter Greg Rickabaugh's July 4 report, it's obvious that with all their safety, legal and insurance knowledge they certainly would be qualified for employment as crash test dummies.

Not only is there a sizable amount of evidence that suggests that seat belts may not be as helpful as we are being told, the same is also true of motorcycle helmets, which in many cases obstruct vision as well as hearing, thus further limiting the defensive capabilities of cyclists.

I object to my continued infringement of freedom, and the presumption that the government should impose itself into the very basic issues of my constitutional rights - freedom to choose.

What about providing free parking for motorcycles, since they are 75 percent smaller, 85 percent lighter and use 75 percent less energy than cars?

I, for one, appreciate state Sen. Joey Brush, R-Appling, for the fine job he is doing. Keep the faith and preserve our rights.

Dale B. Cliett, Martinez, Ga.


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