Originally created 07/12/01

Band's musical choice was a mistake

The performance of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Band at Riverwalk has always been a highlight of our Fourth of July holiday celebration.

Not so this year.

Their commander's decision to include the ensemble "Ground Zero" in this traditional appearance was a mistake of immense proportions and certainly did not add to the reputation of the U.S. Army, the Signal Corps or Fort Gordon.

The audience for this event is very traditional, definitely not the sort of people who enjoy listening to this kind of "orchestrated noise." I can't even bring myself to call it "music."

While the vocalist for the group kept saying, "Here's another one you'll recognize ...", I venture to say that considerably less than 10 percent of the audience had ever heard the song that followed, nor did we want to. In addition, the repertoire had absolutely nothing to do with our forefathers, patriotism or any of the things that make our country great.

Thankfully, my family and I had finally had enough and left - before the Concert Band's appearance and the downpour that came with it.

It's still unfortunate, though, that thousands of people who came to hear traditional, high quality, music were, instead, subjected to the cacophony of "Ground Zero." Hopefully the organizers and the band will not let this sort of thing happen again.

Art Cabot, North Augusta, S.C.


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