Originally created 07/11/01

Condit's web of lies

Raise your hand if you think U.S. Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., should take a lie detector test.

Condit denied that he was having an affair with 24-year-old Chandra Levy, the Modesto, Calif., intern who has mysteriously turned up missing.

Finally, under pressure from the media, Condit admitted what Americans already knew - he and Levy's relationship was romantic.

A number of Americans still feel discomfort about Condit's personal life becoming media fodder, but the fact remains that Condit might never have disclosed this information to police without the media hounding it out of him.

It's information that matters to investigators, who know from experience that a person romantically linked with Levy would be in a good position to give clues about her frame of mind.

But Condit, like former President Bill Clinton, lied and obfuscated for as long as he could, thinking he could manipulate a situation that had long since spun out of his control.

Levy's family has challenged him to take a polygraph test. If he has nothing to hide, he should submit to such an examination. He's already proven to Americans that, unless he's given no choice, he cannot be counted on to tell the truth.


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