Originally created 07/11/01

Wants possible dangers exposed

I am writing to inform parents of possible dangers faced by their children because Aiken County Public School administrators do not always follow their own policies and procedures.

I have tried repeatedly to get this story out, but The Chronicle has not been interested in printing it because it's "not a new story," or have refused to print previous letters to the editor because they were "too long." I hope they finally print this.

Parents, I have a story that challenges statements made by school representatives, which were printed in the May 28, article, "School policy being disputed." My story includes dates, which may disprove the validity of some of those statements.

If you are interested in learning more about the possible danger your children may be in when he or she rides the school bus, please contact the newspaper and ask them to print the story. The story will only be printed if the public tells the paper that the life of a child is important. Contact them and maybe you can help save a life.

Karen Sturgill, Beech Island, S.C.


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