Originally created 07/11/01

Thanks for telling war nurses' stories

I want to thank The Chronicle for publishing stories of veterans of World War II. I'm simply writing this letter to correct dates of landing inside various countries that my surgical team was involved in.

The entire 2nd Auxiliary Group landed on March 9, 1943, in North Africa and was involved in those campaigns. My team left for Europe late in the fall of 1943. The Anzio beachhead invasion was in January of 1944 and the troops were stranded there through May of that year.

After the fall of Rome, our team leapfrogged through various field hospitals and followed the fronts north of Rome. For the record, we landed in Southern France at Red Beach on Aug. 6, 1944, and moved rapidly across France to the Rhineland.

We spent the winter months in tents at Alsace-Lorraine. We crossed the mountains in the spring of 1945. Our entire outfit was sent to Riva, Italy, on the Swiss border for rest and recreation.

My total overseas time was 36 months. I sailed home and landed in the United States in mid-August, 1945.

I want to thank the paper again for allowing us nurses to tell American citizens the role we played in serving our severely wounded soldiers. I also wish to thank the reporter and photographer for their graciousness.

Maj. F.M. Plenert, Retired, USA-ANC, Augusta


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