Originally created 07/10/01

Solutions offered for tournament parking

I read with interest the letter in The Chronicle on July 1 regarding traffic and the Mount Vintage Golf Tournament. There are solutions to the problem of traffic. All we have to do is use our collective heads for something other than hat racks.

The one solution I favor regards Augusta-Richmond County and any neighbors in other counties on the west side of the river who care to participate. I figure that South Carolina (since they were good enough to secure this tournament) can probably handle its side of the river.

We have ample parking spaces in various parts of the city/county in abandoned shopping centers with huge parking lots; we have room at Daniel Field to park many vehicles. So, mark off certain areas that are available for parking, and charge $5 a day to park. We could park a few at the Civic Center, if nothing is going on there. Contact the charter bus companies and offer them the opportunity to transport us Georgians to the tournament, $10 for round trip fare. Augusta Transportation might have some buses available also.

Offer ticket holders a parking/ride pass for a discount fee. Have the bus companies start trips at 7 a.m. and continue round trips until noon. If there is anyone at the golf course who wants to leave early, they can ride back with one of the morning buses. In the afternoon, the buses can start at 2 p.m. loading up and bringing the patrons back to the west side of the river, and ultimately to their cars. Everybody pays, even the kids.

If we have some patrons who must depend on walking aids or wheelchairs, that should not be a problem, as most buses are handicap accessible...

Patrons should plan to travel light - if it won't fit in a "fanny pack" you probably don't need it anyway. Have the cell phones and pagers surgically excised from your belt. Surely we can live one day without them.

Just something to think about. There are other solutions, I'm sure.

Betty Maxwell Draughon, Augusta


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