Originally created 06/29/01

Adopted puppy ignored; will die

Is pet adoption a good idea? Sometimes. But not for one recently adopted puppy. This little guy (15-18 pounds) sits in a little (4- to 5-foot) backyard kennel filled with trash. He sleeps, sometimes eats, drinks his water, if any, and does his business in the kennel.

The little boy, about 10 years old, and his mom adopted the puppy just recently. Mom works all day and has no interest in the pup. The deal was the little boy would be totally responsible - which is like telling a toddler to take care of a baby.

Maybe mom has to prove to herself that she is raising a responsible child or maybe she feels guilty because she is gone all day and the little boy is at home by himself. This child's priorities do not include the dog at all. For the first several days, yes, because it was something new, but now it is a burden and he has better things to do.

Well, puppy, your days are numbered. So what if one more dog gets buried in the backyard. Join the rest of the dogs and kittens that are already there.

Partly, I blame the dog adoption program for this dilemma. Mind you, I said partly. If all people having animals had a sense of responsibility there'd be no need for a dog adoption program.

J. Anderson, Evans, Ga.

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