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Foundation helps with tree names

If 10 percent is good enough for God, then why isn't it good enough for Uncle Sam?

- Bumper sticker

I'm not very good at trees.

I like them. I enjoy them. I think they're cool.

But every year about this time, I start looking up at those big, green leaves and begin scratching my head trying to figure out which tree is which.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has come to the rescue. Its 72-page guide, What Tree Is That?, offers help in naming 135 trees found in the Eastern and Central United States.

You get it by sending your name, address and $3 to What Tree Is That?, National Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska City, NE 68410.

(Nuts, I've found, are easier to identify.)

* * *

MAILBAG: More vacation postcards have made it in.

Carrie Welter sends greetings from New Jersey. Leona and Carroll Norton of Augusta say St. Croix is "the perfect place to relax."

The Scokalecs are "having a wonderful time" in Las Vegas, "a very colorful place."

Barbara sends a card from Maine showing the beginning of the Appalachian Trail (or is it the end?)

Marcia and Bill DeHaven call Mykonos, Greece, "a great place to visit to celebrate Marcia's retirement!"

Ernest and Martha Odom of Evans, Bob and MaryAnn Martin of Martinez and Judy and Melvin Roberts of Augusta send greetings from their Alaska cruise.

Jerry and Eleanor Coates are in San Diego.

And from the Disney boat in the Bahamas, Charles writes: "I am going on the cruise."

Looking to send a vacation postcard? Here is the address: P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903.

We still have 21 states to go, including Arkansas, Delaware and both Dakotas.

* * *

IN MEMORIAM: The state of Georgia has lost its first "arson dog."

The Insurance Commissioner's Office announced this week that Blaze, who worked fires across the state from 1993 to 1999, has died. Before retiring in 1999, Blaze had investigated 876 fires across the state. His work led to the arrests of 175 suspects, including eight in homicides involving arson.

* * *

TODAY'S JOKE: A $20 bill and a $1 bill were stacked on a table at the bank when they began to discuss their travels.

"I've been having a ball," the $20 dollar bill replied. "I've been traveling to distant countries, going to the finest restaurants, the best casinos, boutiques and the mall. In fact, just this week I've been to Europe, a professional NBA game and the All Day Retreat spa. What about you?"

"Well," the $1 bill replied, "it's the same old thing, the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Episcopalian Church ..."

"Wait a minute," said the $20. "What's a church?"

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