Originally created 06/28/01

Blacks, not cops, are killing blacks

Regarding George N. Williams' June 13 letter concerning the so-called "execution of our future, the young blacks of America" by white police officers:

It may serve Mr. Williams well to note that nationwide blacks account for 58 percent of all arrests for weapons violations; 64 percent of arrests for violent crime; and 71 percent of robbery arrests.

These statistics come from the U.S. Justice Department and are alarming, considering that black males comprise less than 20 percent of our population. It would violate logic to presume that white officers or discrimination are responsible for these numbers.

Obviously, the frequency of involvement in violent crime is directly proportional to the likelihood of death by law enforcement. While this is tragic, the actual leading cause of death for young black males is homicide - not by white policemen, but by other black males.

A book, Paved With Good Intentions, by Jared Taylor would be a good read for Mr. Williams and other like-minded people. It is better to base one's sentiments concerning race on facts, instead of unfounded, emotional prejudices handed down from generation to generation.

D. Scott Roberts, Augusta


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