Originally created 06/09/01

Horrors: Prays for Muffie in school

Parents must realize God can't be taken out of school. God is in the hearts, minds and soul of your children. Parents, teach them to say a silent prayer at recess, the bathroom and at their desks.

My 14-year-old nephew at a northern school made the point when his dog Muffie was killed by his school bus after my nephew boarded the school bus.

He was distraught and asked his teacher if his class could say a prayer for Muffie. She denied the request, so he asked to be excused for the bathroom. She let him go there and he prayed for Muffie.

When he returned after about 20 minutes, she asked what he had been doing. He stated that he had been praying for Muffie.

She was outraged and asked if anyone had heard him praying. He replied, only his friend. She asked him who his friend was. My nephew replied, "Oh, what a friend I have in Jesus."

The principal dismissed my nephew and on his way out, my nephew heard the principal tell the teacher, "Thank God just one more week and school is out."

Faber Hance, North Augusta, S.C.

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