Originally created 06/08/01

Fatigue is major factor in game of golf

By legislating that Casey Martin can use a motorized cart, the Supreme Court essentially ruled fatigue is not important in golf. I disagree. Bobby Fisher was soaked in perspiration after every match with Boris Spasky. Yes, fatigue plays a major role in every sport including chess.

This month the U.S. Open will require 150 men to play golf by walking six miles a day in 100-degree heat for four days. If Mr. Martin can qualify, he gets to sit and ride the six miles each day. Seven judges deemed this legal since Mr. Martin has a bad leg.

What if Mr. Martin's special skill was not golf, but basketball. Pretend that Mr. Martin could make a 25 foot jump shot 19 of 20 times. As expected, fatigue from running the court with a bad leg would cause his shooting percentage to plummet.

What if Nike developed for Mr. Martin a pair of jet-powered, "hovercraft" basketball shoes to get him up and down the court with little effort. Ludicrous? You bet, but not to seven U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Andrew J. Walters, Evans, Ga.