Originally created 06/07/01

Wants seat belt law repealed

I strongly agree with Joanie Williford's June 4 letter regarding the mandatory use of seat belts. The government has no right to tell us we have to wear a seat belt. There is no danger to the public if we don't.

I don't know how this stupid law ever passed, but I know most South Carolina residents would not have voted for it. This law must be repealed.

The law should require babies and children be buckled up, as they can't speak for themselves. However, adults have the right to make that choice. The Click It or Ticket slogan is arrogant, and really rubs me the wrong way.

It's time we stand up to ridiculous laws like this that take away our personal freedom. I've got a slogan for the politicians regarding this intrusive seat belt law, "Get it receded or be defeated" in your next election.

Elaine van der Linden, Belvedere, S.C.


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