Originally created 06/07/01

'Click it' program not legal in Georgia

Thank you for the June 3 letter from Yvonne McBride, director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, regarding the Click It or Ticket program.

Allow me to point out several discrepancies:

First, the law, as passed by the legislature, plainly states, "Non-use of the seat belt may not be the only reason for citation." This was to prevent cash-strapped communities from using it as a source of revenue.

Click It or Ticket, as advertised and enforced, violates this law.

Second, seat belts have been on airplanes since the early 1920s. Use is mandated and enforced. I have yet to see even one airline advertising that their seat belts save lives.

Third, let's use common sense. Who owns the seat belt? Is it the state, or the owner of the vehicle? Since the seat belt is part of the interior of the vehicle, it is therefore an accessory - as is the horn, lights, radio, heater, air conditioner and windshield wipers.

The state may recommend the use of these accessories, but has no authority to mandate the use. So should it be with seat belts.

Fourth, if seat belts are such a great idea, then why are they not on school buses? Are our children - who cannot be fined - less important than the adults who can?

Walter L. Rose Jr., Grovetown, Ga.


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