Originally created 06/07/01

Newspaper unfit to judge Schrenko

The Chronicle is not fit to judge Linda Schrenko unless you have walked in her shoes for the last seven years. The Democratic Party has thrown everything at her but the kitchen sink, and she held her ground and frustrated their efforts to make her bow ...

Her complaints are not about the videotaping per se. It is about a pattern of attacking and intimidating anyone who opposes the governor.

The Chronicle has rightly criticized his propensity to conduct business behind closed doors, and to shut out the critical light of public scrutiny.

When teachers are called on the carpet for telling your reporters what the governor's education bill is doing to education, you should be concerned. When the governor's boys show up at Columbia County School System and the local Regional Education Service Center, and ask for Mrs. Schrenko's personnel records, you should condemn it.

Both candidates have ample public records to discuss. Going after a public school teacher's records shows a campaign ready to take politics to the lowest common denominator.

The Chronicle's cavalier treatment of this issue makes you a part of the problem, not the solution.

Richard M. Leonard, Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is campaign manager for Linda Schrenko for Governor.)


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