Originally created 06/03/01

Korea POW story finally revealed

This does not pertain to World War II, but is about my brother Leonard C. Hull. He enlisted in the Army in October, 1945 and spent three years in Germany, then re-enlisted in 1948 and went to Japan, assigned to the 24th Infantry.

When the Korean war broke out he was one of the members of Task Force Smith. On July 20, 1950, he was captured by the North Korean army and was reported as missing in action. He was never accounted for and on March 4, 1954, was officially declared killed in action.

We never heard any more about him until I attended a POW/MIA meeting in Atlanta May 18-19, where I got information about Leonard. I never will understand why it took so long for this information to be released, even though I didn't pursue the matter myself. I accepted the fact that no one knew what really happened to him, or any of the other men captured on that date.

Well, since they found records and eyewitness reports, we now know what took place during their march north to the POW camps.

The government is trying to recover remains of all of the Korean MIAs, but North Korea is not helping very much. ... They have the areas identified where there are remains, but it is hard to get in to excavate for them.

Blame the North Korean government for all of this. They show no compassion whatsoever.

Clifford Hull, Augusta


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