Originally created 06/02/01

Defends Confederate Memorial Day

Regarding Stephen Yearwood's May 23 letter belittling the Confederacy.

I find it appalling that Mr. Yearwood would blatantly insult a substantial segment of the local population. I found his comparison of the Confederacy with the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. to be more of an infantile vilification of the Confederacy than a wholesome, thoughtful position designed to evaluate the legitimacy of Confederate Memorial Day.

His debasement of the holiday to honor those who fought for the Confederacy was particularly insulting to descendants of Confederate veterans.

To state that these brave men fought for a "legal abstraction called states' rights" is akin to belittling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If Mr. Yearwood wishes to devalue the ideals enumerated and guaranteed by these documents by labeling them as "legal abstractions," then that's his prerogative - but one I refuse to agree with.

And while the accomplishments of Rev. King are indeed commendable, Mr. Yearwood's disillusionment regarding the legitimacy of honoring our Confederate ancestors is disheartening at best - and typifies political correctness at its worst. Most Confederate soldiers were not wealthy. Many owned no land, and fewer owned a single slave. They merely fought to defend their homeland, and did so with an unparalleled tenacity. It is these men who are honored by Confederate Memorial Day - and rightfully so.

I don't wish to continue fighting the Civil War, but I most certainly will continue to fight those who seek to dishonor those who did.

Allen Williams, Martinez, Ga.


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