Originally created 05/27/01

Heartbroken by Jackson's adultery

Concerning the Rev. Jesse Jackson and his so-called Georgia New South Tour, as a "young black warrior" of our time, I truly respect our leaders, remember our past and fight hard so our people of color will prosper.

I'm heartbroken and angry at Rev. Jackson and his arrogance and misguided loyalty from the thousands who follow him blindly. To me, he has lost his way.

Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, D-Atlanta, has stated Rev. Jackson is the Martin Luther King Jr. of our time, hopes and dreams are in his hands. I shiver at that assessment.

Rev. Jackson, however good, is not a Jesus-like persona. So when I heard that he fathered not one, but two children (and had the first child aborted), with someone on his staff ... I felt what Malcolm X felt like when he found out about Elijah Muhammad's adultery with his many secretaries. Malcolm X could have buried what he knew, but as a true servant he followed his own path and did not become a mindless trooper.

I am pleading to my people. Please follow your own path. As my father, the Rev. Abu Qasin Bess, Marcus Garvey, Bobby Bush, Gerranimo Pratt and finally Malcolm X learned, perception and reality are two separate things.

Rev. Jihad Qasim Bess, Augusta


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