Originally created 05/27/01

Stop speeders peril of neighborhoods

I extend my heart and prayers to the family and friends of little Laura Chrisco. This accident should never have happened.

The Chronicle reported May 22 that Laura's mom had done everything she could to report and curtail the cars speeding through her neighborhood. Her and pleas fell on deaf ears and now her precious daughter is dead.

I did, however, have to smirk at the publication of Major Richard Weaver's telephone number as a source to contact should anyone have a similar protest. My neighbors and I also live in the deadly path of speeding idiots.

With my concerns I visited Maj. Weaver's office, left many messages on his recorder and spoke with other officers regarding my attempts to contact Maj. Weaver. I have yet to receive the first return phone call. It appears that "nothing can be done."

This situation does not compute with me. What is wrong with our city? Are we all being apathetic? Are our elected officials being apathetic?

When are we going to stand up for our children, our neighbors and our right to something as pitifully simple as being safe from speeding maniacs on our neighborhood streets?

Anne Chance, Augusta


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