Originally created 05/26/01

News, sports coverage fail test

After moving to the Central Savannah River Area three years ago, I subscribed to The Chronicle. I have now decided that this subscription will end because of the daily newspaper's poor coverage.

The syndicated columnists are non-existent and the editorial page seems to flip flop. Asking for one person to resign from office when other elected officials are not asked to is disingenuous. I wonder when the governor will be asked to resign to run for election?

Also, the sports section is terrible. I would like to inform the sports recorders, which is what they are, that Georgia, Clemson and South Carolina play in conferences where there are more teams than just those three.

College baseball isn't mentioned, and all I would like is a box score. There are several instances when college scores aren't published.

The sports lines report these, but I guess no one at The Chronicle cares about supplying information about sports other than from the local schools.

As soon as my subscription runs the course, I will drop this paper and find another outlet.

David Allen, Aiken


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