Originally created 05/04/01

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are not Klansmen

The Augusta Chronicle's April 26 news story by staff writer Justin Martin is a perfect example of how people can be swayed by one person's views.

Mr. Martin was informed that the group of men who were waving pre-2001 Georgia state flags were members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Rev. Jesse Jackson mistakenly called them the Klan. He also mistakenly assumed they were unemployed, uninsured parents of children who will not go on to college.

This was a group of men who are proud of their Southern heritage, who wish to honor their ancestors and who are, yes, angry that their heritage is being taken from them and that the reverend and Gov. Roy Barnes secretly planned the revised state flag long before it was made an issue.

If some of the signs mentioned (a poster of a child with the face of Jesse Jackson and the caption "Have you seen my daddy?") were insulting to Rev. Jackson, he did a good job of retaliating; however, he did it with untruths. The men waving flags included veterans, state workers, landowners and others who are retired or gainfully employed.

I was one of those men and I am married to a Hispanic woman which I mention to point out that had Rev. Jackson done his research he would know the Klan are hate mongers...

I work hard to provide for my family. ... Our children have insurance and live in a diverse neighborhood and attend school with children and teachers of many ethnic backgrounds and they get along well because they're taught at home that we are all of God. ...

James Mayes, Augusta


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