Originally created 05/03/01

Opposes release of autopsy photos

Regarding The Chronicle's editorial advocacy for releasing autopsy photographs of racing legend Dale Earnhardt to the general public:

I disagree, first and foremost, out of respect for the family's wishes. That should end the issue.

But as we all well know, with the current liberal multi-media "shark frenzy mentality," releasing those photos would only raise the bar of this very tragic event to the level of a Washington political circus. Once the photographs are released to the general public, their exploitation would be endless.

I can see it now. It would range from being posted on the Internet, broadcast on the morning liberal breakfast club talk shows with Katie Couric and her Today show goons, or up for sale on the many Home Shopping Network stations blasting on cable TV.

I am confident NASCAR will "internally" find an answer to this very tragic situation and will improve the safety procedures for their drivers. They have a long history of making steady improvements in safety, both for drivers and race cars.

Motor racing is an inherently dangerous sport and it doesn't need public media outlets, such as your newspaper, to jump on the "political correctness bandwagon" to force the issue of public decency.

What's next? Clamoring for President Kennedy's autopsy photographs? Your paper is in the pits on this issue. Respect the family's wishes and let this racing legend and sports hero rest in peace.

Steve Grinstead, Martinez


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