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Police cite previous break-in

While investigators are puzzling over why armed men kicked in Gerald Mance's door Tuesday, they have something else to ponder: This wasn't the first time it happened.

A previous residence of Mr. Mance, whose apartment was invaded early Tuesday morning by three men, one of whom shot his brother Curtis, was invaded and ransacked by an armed man November 10, said Richmond County Sheriff's Office Maj. Ken Autry.

No one was arrested in the November invasion, and police said they have no motive for either invasion.

"We don't have anything official we could talk about," Maj. Autry said.

In Tuesday's home invasion at Walden Hills Apartments off Alexander Drive, Gerald Mance, 27, grabbed a handgun and returned fire after the men kicked in the door around 2:30 a.m. and shot Curtis Mance several times with a .44 Magnum revolver. Gerald Mance shot Lewis Bernard Brown, 26, whom police say shot Curtis Mance.

Medical College of Georgia Hospital spokeswoman Karen Shipp said there was no information in the hospital computer concerning the conditions of Curtis Mance or Lewis Brown on Wednesday. Mr. Brown has been under police guard and is expected to be taken to jail eventually and charged with three counts of aggravated assault, one count of possession of a firearm during commission of a crime and burglary.

Jerome Jordan, 19, and Leon Brown, 30, the two men police say were with Lewis Brown and dropped him off at MCG for treatment, were jailed on those charges Tuesday.

Police traced them through their tag number to a Dayton Street address.

Lewis Brown and Leon Brown are not brothers, police said, but couldn't say whether they were related.

According to written police reports of the November 10 invasion at Savannah West Apartments on Woodsedge Drive:

Mr. Mance's girlfriend, Angela Annette Hicks, was watching television when a brick shattered the sliding-glass window. A man armed with a handgun entered, pointed it at her and demanded to know where the money was.

The intruder then held the gun to her head and forced her into a bedroom to look for money. He ordered her to get on the bed while he ransacked the room. Ms. Hicks told the man there was money in her car and gave him the keys. Before leaving, he asked about another bedroom in the apartment, and she told him it was Curtis Mance's room. The intruder checked that room but found no money.

He then tried to force Ms. Hicks outside through the shattered door, and when she resisted hit her on the head with the gun and fled.

Gerald Mance arrived at the apartment after the invasion and told police he had no idea why anyone would break into the residence. He said he'd had several expensive vehicles and that perhaps someone thought he had money.

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