Originally created 05/01/01

Letter exacerbates insult to Jews

Rev. Daniel McAughey's April 22 letter about Chronicle editor Dennis Sodomka's column concerning an Easter B.C. cartoon missed the point.

It's a question of taste. Whether Jesus of Nazareth was the biblically predicted Messiah, or a gifted religious leader is a question of theological debate and not central to the publishing of a religious message as a cartoon in the Easter newspaper.

The fact remains this cartoon was offensive to some members of the Augusta Jewish community and was needlessly exacerbated by Mr. McAughey's comments.

My parents were explicit in instructing me that religion and politics were sensitive issues not to be discussed with strangers (certainly not in the comics).

Good taste, manners and decorum no longer are relevant to the majority of Americans, but that doesn't make it right and it reflects poorly on those who defend it. If the shoe fits the reverend, as narrow as it may be, he should wear it.

Gene Meder, Augusta


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