Originally created 05/01/01

Meat, dairy products a health peril

According to the draft report just published on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Website, the risk of cancer from exposure to dioxin among individuals who consume large amounts of meat and dairy products may be 100 times higher than previously suspected. More than 36,000 cancer deaths per year, as well as developmental defects in children and altered hormone levels are attributed to such exposure.

One of the most potent chemical toxins known, dioxin, is a waste product of paper pulp production and waste incineration. It enters the human food chain through consumption of meat and dairy products from animals eating contaminated forage and of fish in contaminated waterways.

First came the warnings about animal cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, then the fast food industry and obesity epidemic, the "mad cow" disease, the foot-and-mouth disease, and now this.

Is somebody trying to tell us something about our diet?

Frank Lewis, Augusta


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