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TV TONIGHT: In a "sweeps" stunt with a difference, even the commercials for That '70s Show (8 on Fox) will be straight from the 1970s. The classic commercials aired decades ago for major advertisers such as Coke and Volkswagen. And to avoid breaking the mood, Fox will use a "retro" look in the plugs for its current shows.

AUTO CARE: Here are some tips and tricks from the Do It Yourself Network:

If you're replacing just one or two tires, put the newer tires on the front of the vehicle for better control when cornering and braking.

To retain the electronic memory settings in your car's computerized accessories (digital clock, radio-station settings, power-seat positions, keyless entry, theft-deterrent systems, etc.), use a computer memory saver. These devices plug into the cigarette lighter and use a 9-volt battery to deliver enough charge to retain the settings while the car battery is disconnected.

10 P.M. NEWS: WJBF-TV (Channel 6) now offers a rebroadcast of its 6 p.m. newscast at 10 nightly on Comcast Channel 66.

WEDDING SURVIVAL: Planning a wedding can be a full-time job. Bride's magazine has some ideas to save time and cut down on headaches.

Purchase wedding shoes at the end of the day when your feet are largest.

Practice walking in your dress.

Mail an invitation to yourself so you know when guests receive theirs.

Drive the ceremony route - don't write directions from memory.

Select your wedding song early and test it for danceability.

Have the caterer prepare a post-wedding food basket.

Add an extra 10 percent to your budget for the unexpected.

SURVIVING DIVORCE: Editions of Divorce Magazine are being published for the Toronto area, Illinois, New York-New Jersey and Southern California.

Diana Shepherd, editorial director of a Toronto-based periodical chain, said the regions have high divorce rates and large enough populations to support a divorce magazine. The latest issue features articles on friendships with exes, post-divorce parenthood and the views of John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

The magazine also includes the advice column Dear Ivana, in which the "Sultana of Split-up" (as the magazine has christened the former Mrs. Donald Trump) imparts her counsel to anguished correspondents who sign themselves "Confused in New York" or "Blameless in Chicago."


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