Originally created 04/30/01

Still waiting for Edgefield's 2nd high school

Edgefield County school politics are a mystery.

Several years ago we and our neighbors bought land on the southside of the county. We'd both heard that a new high school would be built.

Presently there is an elementary and a middle school on the southside. Years have come and gone, but there is no high school.

I went to an Aiken County School Board meeting last spring, hoping to get my child into a high school closer to home (North Augusta High) even if I had to pay the $2,000 for that convenience. While making my request, in my frustration I asked why Edgefield hasn't gotten a second high school.

The entire board laughed. As it turned out, the North Augusta High enrollment was maxed out and we were told, "Sorry."

Like many others, I put my son in a private school in another county ... Our need at this end of the county is ignored. It makes that "good ol' boy" rumor sound pretty real.

Teri Myrick, Edgefield