Originally created 04/30/01

Will miss Phil Kent's fiery well-informed editorials

Augusta will sorely miss former Chronicle editorial writer Phil Kent. I have read The Chronicle since 1929, from the time of editor Thomas Hamilton to the tenure of Mr. Kent, who is by far the best editor the newspaper has had.

He has a style of his own that elicits respect and admiration from those who agree with him, to hatred from those who disagree (recent letters to the editor bear this out).

Personally, I will miss his fiery and well-informed editorials tremendously. I will also miss the excellent editorial pages (two full pages) produced under his supervision. His pages contained editorial material - not just reading material that belongs in other sections of the paper.

His new position as president and chief executive officer of the Southeastern Legal Foundation will give him greater exposure, enabling him to be of greater benefit to our free republic. I would not be surprised to see Mr. Kent elected to high office in the future.

I wish him well and godspeed.

Harold B. Henderson, Augusta


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