Originally created 04/30/01

How to sell new Masters tickets

As a native of this area for the past 39 years, I was pleased to hear that the waiting list for Masters tournament tickets was reopening, so I offer a few suggestions to make the list move a little (probably, a lot) quicker.

Each year, I meet folks who braggingly wield newly purchased tickets, a tradition dating back to their long-passed grandfather, who graciously passed them on in their inheritance with stories of Bobby Jones. Others I've known since childhood purchase their yearly tickets with no plans of attending the prestigious event; their tickets stand ready, each year, for the week's "guests," as a means to obtain needed cash for their retirement funds.

Just once, try this: Ask folks to show up in person and with proper ID to purchase the tickets.

Next, send a survey with the ticket purchase request, asking the named recipient which day or days he or she will be attending. Have them provide identification on one of the days.

For those who state that they will not attend - well, they won't be needing tickets. It's that simple. The waiting line may dwindle away to nothing in one season. Then, just maybe, I can start my own family tradition.

Mark Person North Augusta

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