Originally created 04/30/01

Monitor cell phone, accident effects

The recent failure of proposed laws against cell phone use while driving, such as Georgia House Bill 335, demonstrates a lack of knowledge and statistical information on the subject. Both representatives and the public are unaware of the possible hazards of hand-held cell phones, and thus cannot confidently support such a law.

We need a bill that would require the gathering of the needed statistical information for Georgians to decide whether or not a law prohibiting or limiting the use of hand-held cell phones by drivers is necessary.

Such a bill would in no way hurt the interests of those opposed to legislation against cell phone use, for the gathered information could be used to support their case.

In addition, such a bill would make Georgia one of several states that are now or will be recording the connection between hand-held cell phone use and traffic accidents, allowing us to contribute to an overall national statistic.

W. C. Paschal, Evans


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