Originally created 04/28/01

Mississippi did right on flag issue

Mississippians have spoken. The battle flag honoring their ancestors who fought for Southern independence continues to fly.

Agree or disagree, the lawmakers of Mississippi did the right thing by giving people a choice on the flag. This is a true expression of freedom, when the government operates with the consent of the people.

Sadly, this was not the case in Georgia. Their governor, behind closed doors, made the decision to change the state flag and then had it railroaded through both houses like a Georgia tornado.

South Carolina lawmakers ignored the voice of the people by not having a referendum giving them the right to vote on the flag issue. Unyielding to the requests of the people, they maintained they were elected to legislate and they would make the decision. This they did, and the flag came down. Ironically, when it came to ushering in gambling in the name of the lottery, they had no problem in letting the people vote.

Southern people still love and respect the Confederate battle flag.

Frank E. Odom, North Augusta


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