Originally created 04/28/01

Holtz injured slightly in car mishap

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Lou Holtz injured his back and hip after he failed to put his car in park when checking his mailbox. But the South Carolina football coach was on the golf course the next day.

The injury, however, did prevent the 64-year-old coach from testifying Thursday at a Senate hearing in support of a bill to ban gambling in college sports.

Holtz played golf Friday at the Lake City Gamecock Club outing.

"His knee looks puffy. He's limping a little, but he's swinging away," athletic department spokesman Kerry Tharp said.

Holtz had an MRI on Thursday, which showed a protruding disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. Tharp said the condition was not caused by the accident.

Tharp added that Holtz told him surgery would not be necessary.

"I can do everything normal," the coach told The Greenville News. "It's just that I've got a lot of pain."

The coach said he was stepping out of his car to get his mail when the mishap occurred. He said the car drifted back and pinned his right leg up against the door.

When Holtz asked a teen-ager to move the car forward, the coach said the youngster didn't notice the car was in reverse.

"It ripped the door and my hip and my leg," Holtz said.

Holtz did go to Mount Pleasant on Thursday night to speak at the Tri-County Gamecock Club's spring meeting.


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