Originally created 04/27/01

This voter won't forget flag issue

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - this old saying was refreshed in my memory in a recent letter to the editor. The writer congratulated the Georgia General Assembly and Gov. Roy Barnes for bringing us a beautiful new state flag.

But the flag is ugly. Each and every time I see that eyesore, it reminds me of the sneaky way it was forced through the legislature.

Mississippi gave the voters a chance to say if they wanted the flag changed or not. This is the way it should be, and Georgia and South Carolina should have handled it this way also.

The governor of Georgia was in town the other day and commented that the flag issue is behind us and that we should forget it. He may be in for a rude awakening when he makes his re-election bid.

This flag issue could, and should, come back to haunt him and those who joined him. ... I hope that we can find a replacement for Gov. Barnes and his cohorts who will show a little compassion for our forefathers, or at least be there to represent all Georgians and not just a few who are being led by outsiders.

R.M. Griffin, Martinez


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