Originally created 04/27/01

Georgia PSC is anything but heroic

I noticed in the April 20 Chronicle that the editorial staff had seen fit to canonize the Public Service Commission. These unselfish, untiring and dedicated public servants saved us Georgians from the dreaded (for the time being anyway) need to dial 10 numbers to call our friends, relatives and creditors.

But wait. Aren't these dedicated public servants the same self-serving deep pockets who rammed natural gas deregulation down Georgians' throats?

For years we had one natural gas company that supplied us gas and maintained the service and everyone was happy. Now we have the same old company plus all these new companies to pay, plus the natural gas suppliers who have an opportunity to gouge us.

Everyone who can count to two should be able to see that our bills will at least double. Where were these heroes who dove into the fray with those horrible telephone numbers while we were being gouged by the gas companies and gas suppliers?

I think these public service commissioners should be watched closely to see how many of them can retire and purchase a South Sea island.

Evidently there might be another federal grant available to Chronicle publisher Billy Morris if he elevates these crooks to hero status.

Way to go, Chronicle.

Clint Smith, Augusta


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