Originally created 04/27/01

Where is letter writer's compassion?

Is there no compassion? Does Lisa Baker, who wrote the April 22 letter to the editor, understand or care about the impact this accident had on the west Augusta community and the students at Davidson Fine Arts High School?

Those kids lost a friend in the accident, and another friend died that same day from a liver disease. Yet another friend was injured and will carry those memories forever. And the driver of the truck won't ever forget that day.

If the writer of the letter has never lost a loved one in an auto accident, there is no way to understand what an impact this type of loss can have on friends and family. Filing charges against Sarah Craig will not change anything - it certainly won't bring anyone back. It doesn't matter who she is - her life and the life of her family and friends will be forever changed.

Martha Scoggins Cabaniss, Augusta


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