Originally created 04/27/01

Darwinism vs. creationism tiff far from over

I read with great interest Circuit Judge Rodney Peeples' decision to refuse parent Glen Wilson's request to have creationism taught with Darwinism in Aiken County's tax-funded public school system.

The judge's decision fits perfectly the great modern void in our youth's life. The void: Where did I come from? Where am I going? What am I here for? I am somebody, but what? And who among us is the fittest?

All such life-searching questions are now to be decided for them by virtue of the authority vested in the controls of the school board to teach Darwinism exclusively.

If a youth has any spunk, courage and ambition and an absence of fear, the youth will surely want to show his natural abilities and skills, to show who is the fittest ... to make great news headlines all by himself. May God have mercy when such self-reliance is exercised by a youth. ...

Don't blame the youth, for they are what they are by nature, born receptacles for development knowing nothing. They are to be loved, cared for and trained to know right from wrong, good from evil, love from hate, obedience from rebellion. ...

The battle between Darwinism and creationism is not over.

Rev. Frank Rottier, Aiken


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