Originally created 04/21/01

Skaters' haven

The new skate park on Damascus Road across from the Aquatic Center is a welcomed addition to the community's quality-of-life treasure chest.

It will give skateboarders and roller skaters a place to play without worrying about the damage they can sometimes do to public property when they use curbs and railings for their "grinds."

The sport of skateboarding is here to stay, but sometimes skateboarders can come into conflict with pedestrians. Even though the city's rules on skateboarding are too Draconian, there do need to be some limits so that people and property aren't hurt.

By now, nearly all cities the size of Augusta have skate parks and usually they are free, just as most other city recreation facilities, like tennis and basketball courts, are.

But with skaters the plywood ramps take a beating and do need more regular maintenance and replacement. There are also increased insurance requirements for the city. These will be paid for by the skaters themselves, at $3 for three-hour sessions.

But today is a "skate for free" day at the park, which will operate under the supervision of the Augusta Rugby Club.

The city is to be commended for making the dream a reality. So skaters, don your helmets. There are board slides, shove-its, ollies, heel flips and back-side-early-grabs to be performed. What are you waiting for?


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