Originally created 04/21/01

Don't cost Aiken taxpayers more money

Glenn Wilson has been coming to the Aiken County School Board for the past two years asking us, members of the School Board to change the books and lesson plans of all the Aiken County schools on how the science and biology classes should be taught.

Early in his appearances I told him I was taught the creation theory at home since birth, at religious schools, Edgefield County schools and in the church. I also told him he was trying to reach his goal through the wrong body - it should start in Columbia with the Aiken County delegation and with the state board of education.

Mr. Wilson continued to appear before the board until we had a vote, and he decided to end us up in court before he realized he may have another avenue. He now wants to go to Columbia or work to elect a whole new school board.

Mr. Wilson, don't cost the taxpayers of Aiken County any more money. Try Columbia for two years.

Lawrence Murphy, Clearwater


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