Originally created 04/08/01

Wants S.C. to leave Bragdon alone

Regarding the smear campaign that has been going on against Dr. Bonnie Bragdon, director of Augusta Animal Control, how many of her critics applied for that job?

Most of the people who have written letters and logged personal attacks on the animal control's web pages (which caused Animal Control to take down its guest book) do not live in Georgia, but in South Carolina. I just wonder if everything is sufficiently well in Aiken County's Animal Control or do they just choose to ignore it...

Just a friendly suggestion, South Carolina: Keep your nose and business on your side of the river, and we will keep ours on this side of the river.

Another topic: When state School Superintendent Linda Schrenko was elected seven years ago to mend Georgia's public schools, the system was 49th in the nation. Today we are still 49th. She seems more concerned about driving down to Augusta to protest against the former Animal Control director than doing what she was elected to do.

By the way, I am a Republican who voted for Ms. Schrenko and I will be a Republican who will vote against her in the next election.

Marton V. Lick, Martinez


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