Originally created 04/08/01

Defends style

Regarding the article written about Clear Channel Radio's new general manager/vice president, Tim McFalls, comparing him to Gary Pizzati (March 21, page 5B), having worked for Mr. Pizzati, I feel he was misrepresented. His strong character and determination were portrayed in a negative light. Mr. Pizzati is the epitome of a successful businessman.

Mr. Pizzati was described as "uncompromising" and "rough-hewn." In fact, he is stern, but not uncompromising. He exhibited self-confidence and encouraged others to be successful.

When it comes to management styles, the difference between old and new is having things told to you the way they really are, as opposed to the way you want to hear them. When dealing with professionals in a business setting, I think anyone would prefer the former over the latter.

K. Carroll, Augusta


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