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Residents make round at pound

How much is that doggie in the window?

If you were at Richmond County Animal Control's Final Round at the Pound Sale on Saturday, the answer was: 20 to 50 percent off.

Discounts depended on how well adopters could putt.

Potential pet owners putted on a makeshift green before signing adoption papers.

A 50 percent discount was given for sinking the ball on the first try. Each additional swing brought the discount lower.

"I told myself I was only going to look," Nancy Fleming said as she signed adoption papers for Jingles, her new mixed-breed dog. "But I've already got four - what's one more mouth?"

After three putts, she ended up with a 20 percent discount, but she said she probably would have paid full price.

This wasn't the first time Ms. Fleming had visited Richmond County Animal Control and given in to temptation.

Her other dogs, Chance, Puppy and Chewy, were once lodgers at animal control, too.

When Jingles got her caramel-brown head stuck in the gate of her pen, trying to lick Ms. Fleming's hand, she won a ride home.

"I have a fenced-in yard and a doggie door for them," Ms. Fleming said. "Yeah, you could say they are spoiled."

Kim Holmes of Augusta also had her heartstrings pulled by the furry faces at the shelter.

"I have a small one at home already," Mrs. Holmes said. "I want a big dog."

The addition to the Holmes family also was named before he left the parking lot.

"What do you want to call him?" Mrs. Holmes asked her children, Ricardo and LeDaisha. Their answer was in unison: "Buddy."

The shelter takes in an average of 30 animals a day, sometimes boxes of them at a time. Only about 10 are adopted each day. On Monday, shelter officials euthanized 34 dogs and still have more than 50 waiting for adoption.

Animal Control Director Bonnie Bragdon said she wasn't thrilled with the low turnout Saturday. With the shelter at full capacity, she was hoping to decrease the number that will have to be put to sleep.

"But it was worth it to me to try," she said. "We'll never make any significant strides until the community changes the way they are to animals. And that means they have to get their pets spayed and neutered.

"We are simply a reflection of the community."

The sale will continue today from 1-5 p.m. at 4164 Mack Lane in south Augusta.

Reach Lisa M. Lohr at (706) 823-3332.

Found Pomeranian

Richmond County Animal Control found a brown Pomeranian on Washington Road on Saturday afternoon that they suspect belongs to a Masters visitor. Her name, according to her tags, is Shania, and she belongs to Chris Conley of Virginia. Shelter volunteers had no luck with the phone number listed on the tag. To claim Shania, call the shelter at 790-6836.


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