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How's your golf game?

Knowing the stats isn't enough anymore - test your knowledge with these questions about the history, equipment and characters of the game

1. How did the Ping golf-equipment company get its name?
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a. It was named for a childhood pet.
b. It was named for the sound a ball makes when hit by a putter.
c. It stands for Putting In Nice Grass.

2. Dimples on a golf ball typically cover how much of the ball's surface?
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a. 65 to 70 percent
b. 75 to 80 percent
c. 85 to 90 percent

3. According to the National Golf Foundation, how many golf courses were there in the United States in 1999?
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a. 25,332
b. 16,743
c. 30,801

4. What were the first golf balls filled with?
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a. Feathers
b. Sand
c. String

5. Which golfer is nicknamed "Boom Boom"?
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a. John Daly
b. Hal Sutton
c. Fred Couples

6. Golf was banned in Scotland by King James II in an act of Parliament because it was interfering with what?
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a. Harvesting crops
b. Archery practice
c. Building ships

7. Which nightclub singer and TV announcer won the Masters Tournament three times?
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a. Jimmy Demaret
b. Billy Casper
c. Peter Thompson

8. What is the diameter of a golf hole?
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a. 5 inches
b. 41/2 inches
c. 51/2 inches

9. Which golfer said, "It's not just enough to swing at the ball. You've got to loosen your girdle and really let the ball have it"?
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a. Babe Didrickson Zaharias
b. Rose Montgomery
c. Patty Berg

10. In 1976, Arnold Palmer hit a drive from which unusual place?
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a. Home plate in Wrigley Field
b. An airport runway in Denver
c. The Eiffel Tower

11. Who of the following was a cousin of Bobby Jones?
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a. Ely Callaway
b. Tommy Armour
c. Ben Hogan

12. What kind of golf club did astronaut Alan Shepard Jr. use to hit shots on the moon?
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a. 3-wood
b. Sand wedge
c. 6-iron

13. What are Callaway's "Big Bertha" metal woods named after?
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a. Company founder Ely Callaway's great aunt
b. A World War I cannon
c. Arnold Palmer's nickname for his favorite driver

14. Before the final round of the 1965 U.S. Open at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Gary Player had what for dinner?
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a. Shrimp, ice cream and milk
b. Pizza, Oreos and milk
c. Vegetable lasagna and milk

15. How many dimples does a Nike Precision Distance Control golf ball have?
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a. 150
b. 316
c. 432

16. How did Fuzzy Zoeller get his nickname?
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a. His warm and fuzzy personality
b. He likes to play unshaven
c. His initials

17. What was the nickname of Bobby Jones' putter?
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a. Rosie the Riveter
b. Calamity Jane
c. Raggedy Ann

18. Which president said, "I know I'm getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators"?
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a. Richard Nixon
b. Ronald Reagan
c. Gerald Ford

19. Before making his final putt to win the 1920 championship at the Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio, Ted Ray did what?
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a. Kissed his putter
b. Took a long drink of water
c. Filled and lit his pipe

20. Hale Irwin is the only player to win the U.S. Open while wearing what?
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a. Glasses
b. Braces
c. A splint on his little finger

21. In the 1938 film, what famous actor hit 12 golf balls while dancing?
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a. James Stewart
b. Fred Astaire
c. Frank Sinatra

22. Where did the term "bogey" come from?
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a. Reference to bogey man
b. The pilot's slang for an enemy fighter plane
c. Reference to Humphrey Bogart


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