Braves 6, Tigers 5

Lopez to play in a minor league game on Thursday

Drivers can admit to faults

Comair pilots walk out after contract talks fail

Judge will decide on damages

Panel looks over options for area code

Michigan State celebrates two Final Four teams: basketball and hockey

Most fans will be shut out of Women's Final Four

Calipari leads Memphis to NIT semifinals in first year

Riley, Anderson will be centers of attention

Teams find Blue Devils hard to guard

Commodores see best season in years as another step

Maryland's Baxter: quiet, serious, but effective

Izzo discusses a third straight trip to Final Four

Fourth time's the charm for Maryland, Duke

Connecticut 67, Louisiana Tech 48

Only victory left for Battier is national title

Purdue 88, Xavier 78

Golf etiquette classes encouraged

Tiger has a master plan for Augusta

Golf Capsules

Murky water or not, it was a sweet swim for Sorenstam

Woods wins The Players Championship

Tiger edges Singh in pre-Masters tourney

Sabres 4, Thrashers 0

Lynx edge Grrrowl in overtime shootout

Lynx ledger and notebook

Lynx still have playoff hopes

Testimony opens in lawyer ethics case

Across the area

Panel reviews plan for water supplies

Across the area

Officials continue courting companies

2nd BP Amoco blast impels safety review

Governor drops in on USC Aiken

Council OKs tree removal

Switches will reduce stops

DHEC files suit for past tenant to clean up land

Hearing on ethics continues

EMS contract will go to vote

Developers finish Wal-Mart deal


Augustans cross fingers in hopes that blooms survive

Board rejects plea to recognize union

Water group gets its first assignment

Talking big

Report calls for changes in math teaching

Parental trap gets attention

Memphis all shook up over Grizzlies, Hornets

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Governor drops in on USC Aiken 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Hockey:Lynx still have playoff hopes 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Hockey:Lynx edge Grrrowl in overtime shootout 03/28/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:Hors d'oeuvres will give unexpected visitors a surprise 03/28/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Augustans cross fingers in hopes that blooms survive 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Business:Comair pilots walk out after contract talks fail 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:'Get Over It' is full of misplaced energy 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Pro Basketball:Globetrotters dazzle fans 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:DHEC files suit for past tenant to clean up land 03/28/01

Augusta Georgia: Baseball:Cross Creek tops Washington County 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Talking big 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Golf:Tiger edges Singh in pre-Masters tourney 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Teens face charges in break-in 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Business:Businesses keep family ties 03/28/01

Augusta Georgia: Features:Weight-loss participant sheds pounds despite extra stress 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Golf:Woods wins The Players Championship 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Xtreme style 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Xtreme:Squads practice diligently for national competition 03/27/01

Augusta Georgia: Technology:Inventions teach science lesson 03/28/01

Augusta Georgia: Metro:Switches will reduce stops 03/28/01

Mrs. Nellie Jefferson

Mrs. Ethel Brown

Mr. Dennis Scott

Mr. Isaac Abraham Jr.

Mrs. Louise Cook

Mr. Charles Burgess

Mrs. Vivian C. Robinson

Mrs. Alma June McAllister

Mrs. Rosemary Joseph

Ms. Mary Dixon

Miss Marie Norman

Mr. Ira Rachels

Mrs. Vickie Broach

Mr. Charles Burgess

Mrs. Pansy Olsen

Mrs. Vivian Robinson

Mr. Jake Newman

Sayde L. Tanner

Mrs. Willie Cothern

Mr. James Fuller

Mrs. Rosa Vernon

Mrs. Helga El-Gezawi

Major Johnny Phillips

Mr. Clarence Bussey

Mr. Walter Jackson

Mrs. Ann Losgar

Mr. Charles Miller

Mr. William Bailey

Mrs. Helga El-Gezawi

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Mr. Dorris Hammond

Mrs. T. E. Serson

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Mrs. Maude Chiles

Major Johnny Phillips

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Ms. Maggie Rice

Mrs. Hazel Gomillion

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Mrs. Louise Williams

Mr. Billy Cantlow-Smalley

Mr. Clinton Brooks

Mrs. Floy Templeton

Mr. Robert Anderson

Mr. Clyde Herrin

Mrs. Pansey Olsen

Mrs. Nellie Jefferson

Mr. William Johnson

Mr. James Fuller

Mr. Gene Ramey

Mrs. Cora Hallman

Mr. Isaac Abraham Jr.

Mrs. Artelle Eckert

Mrs. Alice Prather

Mr. Larry Crocker

Mrs. Eleanor Reid

Mrs. Elizabeth Sasser

Mrs. Margaret Bedsole

Mr. Albert Tolen

Mr. Sam Redd Jr.

Mrs. Barbara Creech

EBT card critic lives in ignorance

Resents battle flag accusation

DFACS scrapped a good staff

Lieberman's bad idea

Criminals have too many rights

Cheek: Joint project at Diamond Lakes maximizes benefits

An Aiken IRS award

A break for unborns

Fix economy; send $1,000 to all

Ex-gang member warns of violence

Strikes back at criticism of Paine grads

Critic of county animal shelter chief no help to animals

Will pastors preach against abortion?

Extra Oscar nominees

Saga of hypocrisy

Confederacy's critics draw fire


Roddick youngest quarterfinalist in tourney history


Stallions complete cuts

Gordon and Stewart at it again

Starring fashions

Age old question

In the know

Weight-loss participant sheds pounds despite extra stress

Small portions

In the know

Hors d'oeuvres will give unexpected visitors a surprise

Squads practice diligently for national competition

Xtreme style

'Get Over It' is full of misplaced energy

Too many collaborations destroy album's cohesion

Xtreme advice: Suicide threat must be taken seriously

Inventions teach science lesson

A new finding in the Milky Way

Britain begins mass burial of sheep carcasses

Baseball to charge for Internet broadcasts

Surgeon general report finds tobacco devastating women's health

Virgin Atlantic to offer Internet access from every seat

Report shows how video recorders watch consumers

Britain considers vaccination against foot-and-mouth